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Turning Your House into a Home

After 20 years of a non-artistic career, I decided to explore my creativity in a different way. I had no idea where this new path would lead me, all I knew is that every time I had an idea and created it, it felt awesome. After long hours, days and months of practice and sleepless nights, Pots & Patterns came into existence.

Being from Venezuela and having lived in 6 different countries influenced my aesthetic sense in ways I couldn't have imagined, until I sat down in front of a pottery wheel for the first time. From the beautiful Peruvian pottery (Chulucanas) to visiting Johathan Adler's factory, who knew this love affair started two decades ago. 

I created Pots & Patterns with the idea to bring a little happiness to your life by helping your house feel more like a home. I combine design, textures and patterns to create the pieces I love. 

I hope you love them as much as I do, and that they help create a joyful feeling for you and your family.

Maria Alejandra

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